Why Invest in Northeast Brazil – Focus on the City of Fortaleza

Published on September 30, 2009 by A. R. de Albuquerque Law Office


Imagine 573km of sun-drenched coastline. Imagine white dunes, lines of coconut trees, an ocean of warm water. Imagine a temperature never below 24º C (75 F.), with 3000 hours of sunshine a year. Imagine constant brises cooling the sunny day and lifting sails to windsurf and kite surf competitions. We are talking about the State of Ceará, home of the city of Fortaleza. Located in the Northeast region of Brazil, Ceará is full of enchantment and hospitable people. Many foreigners, from all over the world, are just now discovering Fortaleza and the State of Ceará.

Along with the permanent warm climate, Mother Nature protected Ceará against rainstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters – or the ones created by man including terrorism or wars.

The location is very favorable to US and European visitors: in less than 7 hours, on direct flights, the continents are linked.


It’s common knowledge among Brazilians that the citizens of Fortaleza welcome tourists full of joy and hospitality. Either when traveling, shopping, eating, or just getting to know the city, usually the locals respect and help visitors in the best way possible.

The hospitality in the small cities on the coastline is even more easily felt. Their simple way of living and their interest in creating bonds with people from different cultures is evident.

As said before, even the Brazilians show a great appreciation on receptivity of locals (Cearenses), a people with great sense of humor, home of the biggest comedians of the country.


As to the growth of foreign investment, currently itis a reality that cannot be denied. According to a national survey, published in the national periodical of the biggest circulation (Veja Magazine – 1,200,000 units weekly, of 11.5.2005) in every ten properties sold , three of them are being purchased foreigners.

That means that, at this very moment, thirty percent of our properties, especially beachfront properties, are in the eye – or in the hands – of overseas investors.

This growing demand can be seen just by looking at the large number of enterprises being built or in the verge of starting construction.

The real estate market is beginning to boom and the options of investments are innumerous: apartments, residential services, flats, hotels, lofts, lands and condos. Here it is possible to purchase beachfront lots from 15 meters (45 feet) to several kilometers of coastline.

Either for living or for making a living, Ceará is growing fast in the heart of visitors.

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