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The Alexandre Rodrigues de Albuquerque Law Office does not function as a juridical company: it is truly a family, inclined towards the world of private law practice, developing its work with both love and seriousness.

At the break of a 21sth century, full of impersonality and automatism, we offer exclusive care and follow up to our Clients with trust and comfort – for we believe that only an honest and strictly personal relationship can bring to those looking for juridical counseling and assistance, a real support to their needs. Instead of a structure designed in a production line maner, the Client will find in our office a body of professionals with great experience at the line of work developed here, receiving direct and individualized care and treatment. After a very long and struggling working process, we reached to this point where we can be sure to have gathered up, in one partnership body, the best local professionals that also believe and follow our philosophy.

We started our law practice along the year of 1987, which makes us count today with almost two decades of professional experience. This office was the birthbed of a select group of professionals, among which we can mention: José Emmanuel Sampaio Melo, Márcio Augusto Vasconcelos Diniz, Tânia Maria Gomes Coelho de Albuquerque, Juvêncio Vasconcelos Viana, Rodrigo Telles de Sousa e Ivan Carvalho Montenegro da Rocha.

After solidifying our current formation, we concluded for the need to straighten the partnership bonds in order to build a law firm – having the higher purpose to offer the best services in the consultive and litigation areas, bringing in the differential of a personalized care, that – we feel it – the market is in need of.

Currently the office has its headquarters in the heart of Fortaleza, Capital of the State of Ceará. Its internal structure was projected by the experient architect Joaquim Campelo, representing the materialization of the ideal that guides our professional conduct towards our Clients.

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